Last year, Sphero launched the popular BB-8 robot that allowed you to control him using your own smartphone. This year though, Sphero is releasing a special edition version of BB-8 that includes a new app as well as a Force Band.

The white plastic design of the original Sphero’s BB-8 and the band look like something straight out of Force Awakens, with a distressed, and pseudo-futuristic design. Aside from the visuals, the toys remain pretty much the same on the inside.

The band uses an accelerometer sensor to track your hand movements e.g. moving side to side can turn BB-8’s head or just pushing forward can send it into driving mode. There is also two extra features that are part of the wearable.


Sphero could have called it a day there, but they added a couple other features anyway. They created a Pokémon Go kind of game where the band vibrates when you are around secret Star Wars characters. In the app, those characters can be collected as Holocrons, that provide extra tidbits of information about Star Wars. Can’t say we care much about that, because other mode makes rad lightsaber sounds when you wave your arms, and that’s the only mode we need when we are not Force controlling BB-8. This mode reminds us a little of the Moff sound effect bracelet.

Starting 30 September 2016, the Special Edition bundle of the Force Band with BB-8 droid will be on sale for $199.99. If you have already bought the last year’s BB-8, the Force Band will still work with it and can be purchased separately for $79.99.