If you thought that $1,500 and even $1,800 is too much to spend for a smartwatch, TAG Heuer has you all covered. The TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is now available in the Rose Gold for no less than $9,900. Besides the rose gold case, it appears that the new Connected is exactly the same as the one launched last year. You can not buy it on Tag Heuer’s site like the other models, but Hodinkee claims it’ll be available at Tag Heuer dealerships this fall.

For an increase of that scale, there has to be some technology changes too, right? Wrong. The TAG Heuer Connected in rose gold is exactly same smartwatch as the one that costs $1,500, and arguably, the same as Motorola Moto 360, Huawei Watch, and all the other Android Wear watches that cost about $300, remember.

TAG Heuer Connected

That means the screen measures 1.5-inches, an Intel processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM provide power, and a 410mAh battery should return around 25 hours use before needing a recharge. The biggest difference between buying the TAG Heuer Connected and any other Android Wear smartwatch is that when the tech is considered obsolete, the watch can converted over to a mechanical version by TAG Heuer, so it does not just sit in a drawer somewhere because it’s out of date.

If you can afford one, the new Rose Gold Connected smartwatch will be available exclusively via TAG Heuer dealer, so you will not be able to order one online.

TAG Heuer doesn’t hope to sell too many of these smartwatches, but that is not even the plan. The Swiss company wants to make a statement and highlight the fact that it has expertise to introduce some of the latest technologies into its watches, be it luxurious or not.

Obviously, this statement isn’t meant for us, ordinary people, but for those who can afford to pay $10,000 for just a … smartwatch.