TomTom has revealed a new navigation system known as VIO, that’s designed specifically for those commuting on scooters or motorbikes. The TomTom VIO is a small, circular display that connects to a smartphone running the free TomTom VIO navigation app and it relays speed camera alerts and directions to the rider. A connection is made over Bluetooth.

It should be understood that TomTom VIO is not a standalone satnav system but is a smartphone-connected one. As such, it will stream most of the needed info from the phone through Bluetooth. A wireless touchscreen display extension with a built-in GPS is a more accurate way of the categorizing this innovation.

TomTom VIO

The TomTom Vio itself is waterproof, comes with changeable covers for colour customisation, and it offers a couple of mount options – either on the handlebars or on a mirror stalk.

The TomTom Vio is compatible with TomTom Traffic, so you get all the advantages of a full system, but without all the complication.

Recharging the TomTom VIO is done using a USB cable and its maker says to expect around 5 hours of continous usage. Bear in mind using the TomTom VIO will impact how long your smartphone lasts – although it does use in-built GPS to help the situation, which in turn provides more accurate location data.

In addition to providing the turn-by-turn directions and visual warnings if you are speeding, the VIO also displays info about incoming calls enabling a rider wearing a connected Bluetooth headset to answer or ignore them. At around $200 it isn’t cheap given its limited functionality without a phone nearby, but it’s so cute few Vespa riders would care.