BenQ is the company which is trying to make portable and Bluetooth speakers but the effort of BenQ is different. The design incorporates electrostatic technology and more commonly seen in high end speakers. Now, it is known to create very detailed sound.


Sound Quality

The treVolo can fill a room pretty well, too, in part thanks to the fact that electrostatic speakers send sound both forwards and backwards. This speaker really is exceptionally detailed for a Bluetooth unit. Music that benefits from great detail, such as jazz and piano, sounds wonderful.

This seems to be down to the dynamic system designed to prevent deformation. And while deformation surely is not a issue, which is a plus point, the price you pay is inconsistent sound. The treVolo seems incapable of dealing with so many competing sounds. The result is a harsh, incoherent mess indie tracks often sound like they have been fired through a long tube.

Style & Specialties

The two electrostatic panels that fold outwards and the imposing metal front with its grid of holes make it look fun and unusual. There is an ample physical connections if you would rather not use Bluetooth, including micro-USB, a 3.5 line-in and even a 3.5mm line-out that lets you connect an external speaker and use the treVolo as a Bluetooth bridge.

We are not sure BenQ should have bothered with this since you will quickly forget it is there, plus the benefits are subtle. The built-in battery claims up to 12 hours of use, although in our time with the product we would say eight to ten hours is more accurate. This is still pretty good, though it’ll surely last a whole day before a recharge is needed. In a world of anonymous blocks and cubes, the BenQ treVolo stands out.


A Modern Bluetooth speaker that offers detailed sound.