BitTorrent –a live video streaming app is finally available on IOS devices. The company plans to launch this app on IOS devices on June but the plans delayed and now is finally coming to first mobile platform. BitTorrent is already available on the Fire TV, Apple TV, and macOS.
The BitTorrent Live streaming app is offering 16 channels, the highlights of which include NASA, One World Sports, and France 24 and many more channels. But what thing can make this app significant and amazing streaming provider? Its infamous file sharing method and it relies on peer to peer technology makes it’s significant. Peer-to-peer technology moves the burden of data transfer from a centralized source to the crowd. It allows users to faster download of files by using every user as a simultaneous up loader. BitTorrent Live video casts viewers as a broadcaster, allowing for a more distributed method of streaming video, that you can easily watch live videos.


The company claims that it offers a lower latency and more scalable streaming. The latency is roughly 10 seconds, which could be faster than terrestrial cable.
It is unclear foe now whether or not the BitTorrent app is actually using peer to peer technology for streaming on IOS devices. BitTorrent has published a blog post, but now removed that blog post, in which the company claiming that BitTorrent Live used peer-to-peer technology. But other products from the company, like BitTorrent now, have shied away from using the peer-to-peer technology. So now we don’t have any words about that whether it used the technology or not.
But if this technology is available so it will offer you to much cheaper than the traditional ways to deliver live content. BitTorrent could pay channel owners more for distribution per viewer. And BitTorrent can offer the content to viewers for free or much cheaper than the cable subscription.
The BitTorrent Live Video IOS application is available now on AppStore.