The iPad Pro is the device on which Apple finally taking on the enterprise market, but like with its Macbook range, making normal non-business folk thinking about whether they had fancy one too. Really big in the hand, to the point of feeling like you might be able to defend yourself from a specially vicious knife attack if you are holding it in the right way.


This is a tablet with a brilliant screen, powerful speakers and a great accessory ecosystem. The design of the iPad Pro might sound like it was designed for the enterprise sector, but it is just a really decent work tool that is fused with a top of the range tablet.

The upshot of the iPad Pro is that it is just a incredibly powerful tablet, one that can do pretty much anything offered by app developers at the moment. The ability to shade, annotate and more is really impressive, and the reaction from the iPad Pro perfect.

The magnetic dock works very well as a cover for the massive tablet too, and the Smart Connector could open up some really good possibilities in the aftermarket, as it allows to send power and data magnetically to the device from the cover.

There is no USB-C connector on here, thankfully, with just the normal Lightning connector as expected, and apparently even with the insane amount of pixels in the 12.9-inch Retina display the battery is apparently iPad Air-a-like, which is an impressive feat.

The Smart Keyboard is another device that we have been waiting to see from Apple for years now, and it is also a nifty additionally. While it is expensive, the keys have a very accurate travel despite feeling rubber clad.


The iPad Pro is a large beast, no doubt about it. But it takes the same stylings that endeared us to the iPad Air and used them to produce something that is going to sit astride the two worlds of business.