LG Electronics has introduced the LG G5 as being on April 1. Available from March 29, two days before the introduced date, and buyers who buy a device sooner April 17 will secure an extra battery for the LG G5 and a docking station, while those who comes before April 5 will score an LG 360 CAM. The device is reachable from the company’s un-carrier for US$26.25 a month over 23 months with a 24th-month payment of US$26.24 – totaling US$629.99 for the device

LG G5 The LG G5 planted with updated Operating System OS Android 6.2 Marshmallow, LG UX 5.0 is a boosted UX that supports handy connectivity for optimal control of LG devices and hand over a more commodious and strong experience by figuring new options that allow users to dig the G5’s maximum potential

“We analyzed the lifestyle of Smartphone users to provide a superior mobile experience and greatly expanded the usability with LG UX 5.0,” “LG UX 5.0 and G5 were designed to provide an innovative user experience that reflects the needs of our most demanding customers.” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

LG G5 Accessories

  • LG CAM Plus.
  • LG G5 HiFi Plus.
  • LG G5 360 VR.
  • LG G5 Rolling Bot.
  • LG G5 360 camera.

LG G5 have a Qualcomm-Snapdragon 820 system chip having 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a bulk of 32GB Built in memory and supports microSDxC amount to 2TB.The LG G5 is a 5.3-inch IPS display with 149.4 mm (5.88-in) H, 73.9 mm(2.91-in) W and 7.7 mm (0.30-in) D. The LG G5 contains 16 MP LED flash, Hybrid infrared autofocus 8MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera having f/2.0 aperture.