Every business owner knows the importance of how a business phone number but often when you’re starting out you will most likely have to use your mobile or home landline number. Whilst this is the most practical method of customers contacting you, it is not the most professional. It is for this reason that business owners are now starting to use virtual landline numbers. A Virtual Landline is a perfect solution for those working from home, sole traders and those who do not have a permanent office space.

Virtual Landline Number

So what is a Virtual Landline Number?

With a standard landline number you tied down to one location to receive customers calls but with a virtual landline you can be anywhere in the world and still be available to take a call. It is a number which will contain a prefix that pertains to an area of your choice for instance if you want to have a business presence in London, your number would contain the prefix 020. However, instead of the call being directed to a landline it can be directed to a mobile phone of your choice and the customer will be charged their normal local call rate. As the name suggest it is a number that does not physically exist anywhere meaning that the receiver of the call does not have to be in the specific area for which the call came from. The call can be forwarded to any device in the world whether it be your mobile, computer, tablet etc.

Why use one?

  • It allows your business to look professional and well established in areas of your choice. A telephone number with a 0800 or geographic prefix will always appear better than using your personal mobile or home telephone number.
  • Unlike with standard landline or mobile numbers, Virtual landline packages are often very flexible with no 12 or 18 month contracts that tie you down.
  • Having a Virtual Landline means that you can be more flexible, answering calls whenever and wherever at times decided by you.
  • You won’t be tied down to one location, constantly having to return missed phone calling and potentially losing out on business.
  • You do not have to wait for a phone line to be set up as you do with normal landlines. It can be set up and ready to go on the day as it is all done remotely.
  • Virtual Landline packages are often fixed so you know exactly what you are paying out monthly.
  • You can control where your calls are forwarded to at the click of a mouse through the online platform.