Freedrum Teams‘ aim is to bring the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have access to a smartphone.

Launched on Kickstarter, it has been called the Freedrum and it’s a virtual drumming kit that has been designed to let you play a virtual drum kit wherever you are.


Freedrum Virtual Drumming Kit Specs:

By attaching the sensors on to a pair of drumsticks and connecting to your phone, you can silently reel off smooth drum beats while everyone else is bored on the commute to the work. The sensors can even be applied to your shoes to act as your bass. It does not require an internet connection and runs on a battery that should keep you drumming for a week of regular use.

They use internal gyroscopes to detect motion and run for 7 hours on an hour’s charge. A single button turns them on or off, a single LED indicates a solid connection and battery level, and they are made from tough plastic that can take a beating. Could not be simpler, right?

A standard Freedrum package includes two units, a micro USB charger, two straps for drum sticks and two straps for your feet. The Freedrum Team also offer a special deluxe package for Kickstarter supporters that includes a pair of premium drumsticks from Vic Firth.

Freedrum Virtual Drumming Kit Price:

The project will have to meet a funding goal of $150,000 before it is able to go into production, with an early bird special enabling backers to pick up the tech for $69 – around £55 in the Queen’s coin.

Shipping is expected to roll in August 2017, meaning you will be sat bashing your thighs with your hands for a while yet. But pain of a drum kit-less universe will hopefully soon be over.