BitTorrent, who recently just got into the market, is exploring a new platform with the BitTorrent Live for mobile. The new live streaming video service, which initially launched in May, now has finally found its way to iOS. The service was originally planned to be available on the said operating system in June, which was a month after the initial release. However, for some reason, it was delayed.

The problem right now is that BitTorrent Live has a pretty lackluster channel selection. It is still working on striking deals with more name-brand channels. It could offer some for pay-per-view, but it cheaper than the same content on traditional TV due to the reduced broadcasting costs.

BitTorrent Live

The live streaming service is currently offering 16 channels of which NASA, France 24, One World Sports and QVC Home are included. There are no reports, as now, if more channels will be included coming year.

To get channels to sign on, BitTorrent Live will need more viewers… which will require better content. That is a bit of a chicken and egg problem. But with the today’s launch bringing it to a massively distributed mobile platform, it could start to attract an audience worthy of luring in better channel makers.

This live video technology was earlier available on Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV. BitTorrent released the iOS application for a BitTorrent Live app this week. The BitTorrent Live iOS application is available now on the App Store.