There are multiple ways to get lost your valuable data, such as accidental deletion, data formatted, and data loss due to virus attack, sudden OS crash, hardware failure or many other reasons. But the solution is the only one – the data recovery software. As we know, there are vast varieties of recovery tool available in the market. Making decision on which software to choose is quite tricky and daunting task.


If you are among those who have lost data and in search of data recovery software, so I am highly recommended you to try the wonderful and award-winning – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. EaseUS does not only compatible with Window operating system, but also able to do mac data recovery. So does not matter, whether you are Window user or Mac user, just download the EaseUS free data recovery software on your device and retrieve back your data as much as you want.

How Does EaseUS Recover Data Back?

By following these three simple and easy steps, you can get your data back easily and precisely. (In case, you want to do memory card recovery or want to recover data from any storage device, so first insert you card or storage device to your Computer). The three steps are here:

Step 1: Select a Location

At the very first step, you need to download the EaseUS free data recovery software on your PC or Computer. Once downloading has been done, launch the program and then select the location where you have lost your data. Then just simply click the “Scan” button to go further.


Step 2: Scan your Device

At the second step, the software provides you two different kinds of scanning modes. The first one is Quick scan that quickly find out the lost data. The later one is Deep scan, which starts after completing the quick scan and it has the ability to dig deeper in order to find every single file you have lost.


Step 3: Recover

At the final step, the program will show you a preview list of recoverable files. Filter the list and recover whatever you need.