Apple’s latest desktop OS refresh has arrived in its official capacity in the form of OS X El Capitan, which is new update “10.11′ by supplying a solid delivery with snappier functionality. It is great to think of El Capitan as an OS X update, that adds some spit and polish to Yosemite while also providing some convenient tweaks and features. And in spite of some minor pain points, Apple has succeeded in that respect.


When you swipe up with three fingers on your trackpad, you will notice that Mission Control’s overall view of your open windows is more spread out. The multitasking specialty no longer overlaps windows, which could make it a bit easier to spot the window you want at a glimpse.

El Capitan can now pull from more sources for data, bringing you weather, stock, and sports information directly to the Spotlight Search box with a click on the menu bar. Maybe, the largest change to Spotlight, nevertheless, is the addition of natural language recognition.

Users now have the option to add videos, PDFs, and Maps locations to notes, making it that much easier to flesh out your ideas. To keep track of these elements, the Notes app now includes an attachments browser, which provides a running list of media elements you have attached over time.

In tandem, Apple has expanded Notes to be an option in the Share Sheet across many of its own apps something developers also have access to so pulling that content in is a smooth as a couple of clicks.

Mail has also picked up some nice enhancements, but it is still far from the type of redesign that would make customers rush back to the often maligned email client. Maybe, the most salient change in Mail is that it now supports gestures not dissimilar to those that appear in its iOS cousin

The feature works as you would expect by allowing you to enter start and end points, then showing you which subway or bus line to take and where to switch.

Even better is that Hand-off allows you to easily plot your course on your Mac and then send it off to your iPhone before you head out the door.


There isn’t any reason to dislike this version of El Capitan, because it has come with brilliant characteristics and solid update. You will love its multitasking feature, when you use it.