Rithmio announced its weightlifting tracking app for athletes called Rithmio EDGE. The app works with Android Wear to track the wearer’s weightlifting sessions and also provide snapshots of how their fitness goals are progressing. The app aims to take the hassle out of workout tracking through learning what moves you are performing and automatically adding them to the day’s workout log, among the other things.

Rithmio EDGE tracks your repetitions and auto-populates your workout log as you go by your session. When you are finished with your workout, Rithmio EDGE provides insights on muscles targeted, key metrics such as summary view, and a active time. Rithmio EDGE also provides exercise-level analytics, including charts and personal records.


The app does not only work through automatic detection, which would not be terribly useful because of the difficulty a smartwatch may have in guessing accurately. Users can manually choose what exercise they are performing, and things like how heavy the weights being used are, and other pertinent data.

Rithmio has more features in the works for the Rithmio Edge app, too. Eventually, the goal is to allow users to build their workout plan inside the app as well as increasing post-workout analysis and tracking more exercises. If there is a movement that the software does not recognize right now, you can log those manually. Again, you will need an Android Wear smartwatch to give it a shot, but you can also grab the free companion app from Google Play now.