SoundCloud subscription music service is debuting recently, called SoundCloud Go. For $2 a month – An $8 Discount , you get access to songs from famous artists, ad-free streaming, and offline sync. But Go has a hook that no other service can even match a massive library of 125 million songs, most of which are only on SoundCloud.

It is now the 3rd most popular music app on iOS and 4th on Android, and one of the most popular platforms not run by Facebook or Google. It is incredibly friendly to creators, the remixers and DJs and curators who use it, but has not always gotten along with the music industry.


To start the 30-day free trial of SoundCloud Go, just fire up the regular SoundCloud app on iOS, Android or in your browser. If you are an iPhone owner, you will want to enter your payment info on the website to avoid paying an additional $3 for Apple’s transaction fee on in-app purchases. Once you’ve handed over all of your details, you are good to go. Start searching for an artist or song that you want to listen to, like on any other service.

The audio hosting site has been providing Pro plans to creators for quite some time, with the priciest Pro Unlimited tier including advanced stats, unlimited uploads and more for $15 a month. When SoundCloud Go arrived, there was no mention of a discount for paying customers. If they desired access to the new tunes, they had to pay the $10 monthly fee.

Now, the company announced that the Pro Unlimited subscribers would be able to add SoundCloud Go for $2 a month — an $8 discount. This rate applies to creators paying for the plan in the US, UK, Ireland, and France (in their local currencies, so $2/£2/€2). However, there is no mention of a reduced price for folks who are paying for the regular Pro plan that costs $7 a month.