San Francisco-based company Strava announced that it has added Live Segments to smartphones, a feature that was previously limited to a handful of Garmin Edge bike computers.

Strava’s new Live Segments feature offers real-time audio and visual component, so you can pick which works best for you. It is a way to cues of an athlete’s current effort on a segment, his or her personal record, and user who is at the top of the leaderboard. Last summer, Strava Live Segments launched for Garmin cycling computers, but the feature (which is only available to Premium subscribers) is finally available on iOS and Android devices. Because so many cyclists have eschewed cycling computers in favor of their phones, Strava wanted to make the feature more accessible.


You can also use the new Live Segments experience, just start recording a ride or run from your smartphone and get moving. As you approach a starred segment or a popular segment, the screen automatically changes to show the Live Segments view.

Once the segment starts, you’ll see your current effort in the center of the screen, and your personal record on the left, and the KOM, QOM, or course record on the right. Color-coding makes it easy to view your progress and effort during a segment. Audio cues let you know when a segment is starting and ending, and you can also set them to ping every half mile or full mile during the segment. Upon completing, the screen summarizes your results and then returns to your live stats.

This new update will allow those riders and runners who work out with their phones to view real-time segment data. The Live Segments update for Strava is available now for Android and iOS users