ZEPP introduced its new sensor and software for golf and baseball-called ZEPP 2. It offer new design and enhanced coaching for the users. ZEPP 2 is a excellent device which has certainly improved your game. Especially the swing speed, tempo and plane. However, a big change is the new Smart Coach aspect, that claims to deliver much more personalized coaching.

ZEPP Golf Swing Analyzer features: Attach the sensor to the glove mount, connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, analyze your swing on your mobile device. Zepp says that after a few swings the system will detect strong and weak points and offer useful drills and guidance.

Zepp 2

Measures and analyzes your swing, discover the shape of your swing in 3D representation and compare the track of your back swing to your down swing. Users can replay and review swing in 360 degrees from any angle. when you take at least 30 swings a week, Zepp will send you a detailed report on your swing along with videos that help improve your weaknesses.

ZEPP CEO, Robin Han said that “We have always been committed to helping athletes improve at the sports they love, And improvement starts with the right training plan. The addition of Smart Coach will help athletes and coaches at all levels focus their training and improve with greater efficiency and confidence.”


Everything from mechanics, time to impact, to strength and speed are accurately measured by the Zepp 2. It will offers useful drill and guidance with metrics of how your swing looks, detect strong and weak points. All of these drills are located within the Zepp , and will be able to be accessed without purchasing the sensor .It measures and analyzes things like club plane, club speed, tempo, back swing length, down swing, hand speed, hand plane and hip rotation.